Brothers On The Line

“If you want to know how we once created a ‘middle class’ - and what it will probably take to get it back - watch this movie.' - Michael Moore

Cast & Crew

Featuring interviews with the Reuther family, autoworkers and executives, historians, former UAW President Doug Fraser, Regional Directors Paul Schrade and Jerry Tucker, activist Dolores Huerta, civil rights leader Andrew Young, Rep. John Conyers, Jr., Sen. Edward Kennedy, and more.

Sasha Reuther, Director/Co-Producer, Grandson of Victor

(National Geographic programming, music videos, and short films)

Nancy Roth, Co-Producer

(Fixer: The Taking of Ajmal Naqshbandi/HBO, Occupation: Dreamland/Sundance)

Joe Gabriel, Cinematographer – Local 600, IATSE

(News/Entertainment programming for NBC, MTV, FOX)

Deborah Peretz, Editor - Local 700, IATSE

(PBS:  Trials of Robert Oppenheimer, The Jewish Americans, R.F.K.)

Michael Whalen, Composer/Music Supervisor

(America at a Crossroads/PBS, The Disappearing Act/feature)

Martin Sheen, Narrator

(Apocalypse Now, The American President, The West Wing)

Content Advisors

Kevin Boyle (20th Century American History, Ohio State University)

Lois Gray (Labor Management Relations, Cornell University)

Clete Daniel (Labor Management Relations, Cornell University)

Steve Babson (Labor Studies, Wayne State University)

Michael Smith (Director, Walter P. Reuther Library, WSU)