Brothers On The Line

“If you want to know how we once created a ‘middle class’ - and what it will probably take to get it back - watch this movie.' - Michael Moore

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"…a concise and moving story…about the history of the U.A.W., and it needs to be told to every generation."

- Steven Greenhouse, The New York Times, 10/9/12 

Brothers On The Line is an inspiring film about how three brothers built the United Auto Workers into one of the most powerful forces of the 20th century. If you want to know how we once created a ‘middle class’ - and what it will probably take to get it back (we need our own Reuther Brothers - fast) - watch this movie. It is a great piece of filmmaking about an under covered part of our American history.”

- Michael Moore, filmmaker

"Filmmaker Sasha Reuther lovingly traces the journey of his ancestors, painting them as part of the vanguard that helped transform Detroit from an impoverished labor camp in the 1920s to the American city with the highest median income by the 1950s. Scholastically narrated by Martin Sheen, the film has the partisan trappings of a family scrapbook, but transforms from a straightforward retelling into a touching homage to three working-class men who played an underappreciated role in every major social movement during 40 years of American history."

- Trey Pollard, Washington City Paper, 4/13/12

"A moving, insightful, and well put together documentary that anyone with an interest in history, civil rights, and documentary filmmaking should see, if only to see how much of a difference a few can make for so many."

- Patrick Samuel, film review, Static Mass Emporium UK, 6/25/12

"The struggle for human rights has evolved through the decades and taken on many dimensions over time, but the seeds of social change were planted by the Reuther brothers.  Sasha…I applaud your creativity and hard work in developing this film, as well as your commitment to keeping the legacy of the Reuther brothers, and the labor movement, alive. Brothers On The Line is more than a documentary - it’s a crucial reminder of where our country has been and where we still need to go.”

- Sylvester “Sly” James, Mayor of Kansas City, MO

"A wonderful, historical study…I encourage everyone to see this. It’s a very important part of American history that was never told in school."

- Cynthia Haynes, KCUR film review, 4/20/12

"Technically superb…presents the good as well as questionable aspects of the brothers’ actions…an ideal film for use in economic anthropology, culture of capitalism, and the anthropology of work courses."

- Thomas Stevenson, Anthropology Review Database, 1/2/13

"…a poignant documentary film…underscores just how far the auto workers progressed in American society…an emotional era when white labor leaders joined in allegiance with black leaders like Martin Luther King Jr to combine their fierce dedication for broadening opportunities and advancing the political and social power that could be forged."

- Robert Lenzner, Forbes, 6/10/13

"Sasha Reuther’s inspiring film reminds us of an important period in American history and teaches valuable lessons that today’s labor movement must learn for its own survival."

- Mike Konopacki, Huck/Konopacki Labor Cartoons

“UAW Wisconsin stood with Brothers On The Line at the premiere last night in Madison. Proud and emotional night for us. Sasha Reuther tells a story in film like Victor told in voice. Thank you.”

- John Drew, Regional Representative, UAW

“Walter, Victor, and Roy Reuther took a broad view of labor rights as part of a larger set of values, which included civil rights and a clean environment, a message that will resonate long into the future. I remember my father speaking of this when I was a child. It is an often missed footnote in history that, as head of the UAW, Walter Reuther supported then Senator Gaylord Nelson’s efforts to enact the first national auto emission standard, and donated money in 1970 to fund the office my father created to help coordinate the first Earth Day. Sasha Reuther grew up hearing these remarkable stories firsthand. From them, he has made a truly inspiring film.”

- Tia Nelson, Executive Secretary, Board of Commissioners of Public Lands, Wisconsin

- Brothers On The Line mentioned among the most groundbreaking documentaries of all time (see #4.)

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